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By Bryan Matthews, Jan 6 2015 10:28PM

As a new car owner, you drive around showing it off to family,and friends, and most of all you check out people checking your new car out. Unfortunately, you are driving down the road and you hear the rocks and road debris sound hitting your new car. You are hoping your car did not get dings and damage to the new paint. A quick inspection tells otherwise. Pioneer Clear Bra Experts could have protected your paint and kept your new car paint looking new.

Consider a Clear Bra Paint Protection Film installed on your new car or almost new car before you need a new paint job?

Our "Clear Bra" protects your hood, side mirrors, fenders, bumper and side skirts.

5 Reasons Why To Install A "Clear Bra"

1. A "Clear Bra" professionally installed will keep your car's exterior looking good and help increase a resale value.

2. Because it is truly clear, you will not see it's there. Your car's finish will still shine through, while shielding it from damage.

3. The film used was originally designed for the U. S. military, to be used in the desert terrain, and in hazard conditions. So it is tough!

4. Custom cut versus a computer cut. A custom cut provides the best coverage over all of a vehicle surfaces, including wrapped edges, which provides a smoother and seamless look.

5. Warranty The days of yellowing, faded, or cracked film over time are over. All film manufacturers offer extensive warranty periods.